PUBLIC BOARD GOVERNANCE™ focuses on the challenges which arises on a board level in publicly owned companies. Do you have ambitions about making your public board a top performer?


Board work often gets associated with the private industry sector. However, board work is just as important in the public sector, where the expectations are definitely not lower for politicians or district councils, whose decisions and competencies can make a huge difference for their local areas.

In this connection, we have developed a special solution, which is based on the challenges of boards in publicly owned companies.


Focus on how the board gets aided in publicly owned companies to fulfill their potential

Training in research-based methods and models

A solution which is based on the specific situation of the public board


PUBLIC BOARD GOVERNANCE™ is developed specifically for public board work and boards, board members and board leaders in publicly owned companies.

Everyone in the public, who has ambitions to increase their performance by becoming more competent and value creating board members.


The following products are developed specifically for publicly owned companies, to treat your specific challenges. The services can be applied together and separately, depending on your needs and ambitions.

  • Inspiration event for the town council and the management concerning modern board work.
  • Inspiration for development of owner and board strategies through research-based methods.
  • Internal board course with development of the assembled board in the company.
  • External BESTYRELSESVURDERING® And assistance for internal self evaluation system.
  • Recruitment of board members and development of existing boards.
  • Education of board members and board leaders.
  • Inspiration event such as a yearly theme day about board leadership, possibly including other interest organizations in the local area.


PUBLIC BOARD GOVERNANCE™ has been acknowledged from politicians both on a local and national plan. We ascribe this positive feedback as validity towards the documented effect is has.

The success comes from focusing on the individual situation of the public board, combined with our knowledge about capable board work.

We have solid experience with educating, training and developing boards in the area of harbors, supply companies, education institutions, and cultural institutions. Besides this, we have helped a lot of skilled managers, mayors, ministers, council members with personal and individual feedback.

We base our initiatives and methods on research from our research network. This means that the methods and models being taught have a documented effect.

Apart from this, we make sure that it becomes natural to execute the new methods in practice by strong pedagogical presentations with tasks, home assignments and individual feedback.

Do you want to raise the performance level of your publicly owned board?

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