BOARD GOVERNANCE A/S is Scandinavia’s most influential provider of company- and management-oriented products for boards, leaders and executive committees in both the private and public sector. In 2018 we have made a cooperative agreement with Danske Advokater, which includes our board educations, as well as our board portal BOARD OFFICE™, in order to increase the value creation of boards in Denmark.

Our digital board platform BOARD OFFICE™ provides the best possibilities of supporting the boards contributions. More than 14.000 customers are registered as users (May 2018)..

More than 4.000 companies have board members who have completed a board education or received personal board associated training from us.

They have been educated in work forms and methods, which actively focus on creating value for companies and organisations in all industries. See what boards are represented in our references, and get more information about our professional competencies and methods in our Research Center.


That is why our focus is solely on the top management, which is the board and the executive board, focusing on the individual persons resources, and business management on a top level.

BOARD GOVERNANCE A/S is affiliated with a series of leading international researchers, experienced board leaders and specialists in different industries, who makes sure that our work is constantly based on the newest knowledge and best practices associated with board work. We are very conscious about our products being applied in practice, to create results for the board that we cooperate with.

It is important for us that we constantly improve in documenting and passing on knowledge, regarding how the human factors make a difference in the boards possibility of contributing with growth and business development.

We are passionate about seeking new ways, new knowledge and new methods, which we combine with our customers solid and practical experience. We are never afraid of innovative thinking, changing our way of thinking, as well as creating new paths to what is seen as the correct ways of working in board associations.

Our main focus is in the management and business-oriented board work, including top management and the resources available to create value in the board.

Board work is people work, and the path to commercial success is through optimal use of the human resources and competencies in the top management.

Due to this, we emphasize on human and leadership aspects in board work. Through all of our courses, competent feedback course og board educations we educate how to create value and to develop the company’s business potential.

We are continuously offering board educations, mini courses and other products who are specially directed towards board members and board leaders: