BOARD GOVERNANCE A/S is the leading Scandinavian supplier of commercial and board related products and services for boards, board leaders and management within the private and public sector. In 2018 we started cooperating with Danske Advokater including our board educations as well as our digital board portal BOARD OFFICE™ in order to enhance the value creation within boards in Denmark.

Our digital board portal BOARD OFFICE™ provides the best opportunities in the market supporting the board work and board contribution. More than 15.000 customers are registered as users (January 2020).

More than 4.000 companies have board members who have completed a board education or received personal board training with us.

They have received training in new working methods which actively focus on creating value for companies and organisations within all industries. Have a look at which boards are represented in our references, and receive more information about our competencies and methods within our Research Center.


This is why we solely focus on senior management, i.e. the board and the management as board work is really working with people and management at top level.

BOARD GOVERNANCE A/S is affiliated by several leading international researchers, experienced board leaders and competent specialists ensuring that our work is constantly based on the latest knowledge and best practices within board work. We are very conscious that our products and services are practical and create results for the board we cooperate with.

It is important to us that we continuously improve documenting and passing on our knowledge as to how human factors influence the board’s opportunity to contribute to growth and business development.

We are passionate about new inroads, new knowledge and new methods which we combine with our customers’ solid, practical experience. We are never afraid of innovative thinking, change our professional views and create new ways of working in and with boards.

Our starting point is management and commercially related board work including top management and the resources necessary to create value within the board.

Board work is working with people and the inroad to commercial success is optimum utilization of the human resources and competencies of the top management.

Therefore, we focus on the human and leadership aspects of board work. During all our courses, competent feedback courses and board educations we train our participants in creating value and developing the company’s business potential.

We continuously offer the following board educations, mini courses and other products and services especially directed towards board members and board leaders: