Here you will find short inspiration videos with a lot of examples of best practices from working in boards.

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Bent W. Jakobsen: The Chairperson education

Ole Knudsen: The Chairperson education

Lasse Olesen: The Chairperson education

Flemming Eriksen: The Chairperson education

Susan Mose: The Chairperson education

Lene Kjelgaard: The Chairperson education

Brian Krogh: The Chairperson education

Asbjørn Andersen: The Chairperson education

Hans Jørgesen: Censor at the Chairperson education

Flemming Eriksen on BOARD OFFICE

Lene Kjelgaard on BOARD OFFICE

Asbjørn Andersen on BOARD OFFICE

Bent W. Jakobsen on BOARD OFFICE

Susan Mose on BOARD OFFICE

Anker Laden-Andersen about using a digital board portal

Anker Laden-Andersen about the importance of a board education

Peter Jensen: BOARD OFFICE is a brilliant work tool

Why work with BG?

Does it only involve meetings?

Why am i not a board member

Relations in board work

Presentation from Randi Ib at VIBORGegnens Erhvervsråd


How can you improve your board work?

The participants experiences with the STRATEGIC BOARD ROOM education

Jan Holmsgaard: The CHAIRMAN-education

Søren Fibiger Olesen: The CHAIRMAN-education

Ib Hørup: Board education at BOARD GOVERNANCE A/S

Mariann Nørgaard: Benefits of a board education

Morten Huse: The role of women on the board

Niels Busk: Board educations and board work

Morten Huse: The size of the board

Morten Huse: Are boards just about the meeting?

Morten Huse: The reasons for working with BOARD GOVERNANCE

Knud Erik Andersen: Education at BOARD GOVERNANCE

Michael Mortensen: Education at BOARD GOVERNANCE

Michael Hanghøj: Education at BOARD GOVERNANCE

The board day - Thomas Møller Sørensen

The board day - Peter Johannes Bang

The board day - Niels Hermansen

The board day - Niels Buus

The board day - Marina Brogi

Relations in the board

Board work creates value

Board work is human work

The boards work foundation

Matching of expectations

How do i assess the board job?

Why am i not a board member?

What is a board education?

How do i become a board member?

What is a board agreement?

Confidentiality in the board

Risks as a board member

When can you go to the board?

The management and the board

Advisory boards and boards

Who is in charge?

Types of boards

What is board work?