Competent feedback is for you who want individual feedback on specific issues within your board work. We can help you adjusting your working methods or leadership style towards the specific board context.


A broad industry experience and documented competencies help you to become a more attractive board member. Unfortunately, many people experience that their behavior and personal qualities are not sufficient in the shift from directorate work to board work.

The work and dialogue methods of a director as well as the experience being the top decision maker will challenged when the person change from being the top management director to being a top board leader.

We can support you with competent feedback in exposing your value creating qualities so you can increase your outcome with your personal experience. Your leadership style and personal behavior will be adapted so you perform optimally within a new board context.

Feel free to contact us for a noncommittal conversation about your ambitions and opportunities.

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Price will be agreed per course.

John Jensen, LanBo Nord

"Participating in courses and getting a board education is very inspiring and useful. Subsequently, I decided to receive individual and competent feedback from Randi Ib enhancing the valuable knowledge from the board education STRATEGIC BOARD ROOM™.

My outcome from the individual and competent feedback has been tremendous and has created far more additional value to my overall knowledge and competencies.

One of the most positive outcomes receiving competent feedback from Randi Ib has been identifying my own fundamental values regarding board work and board leadership.

It provides an honesty and sincerity in my job and gives more meaning than if you just read and adapt some smart ideas from a book!"

-John Jensen, Handels- og virksomhedsrådgiver LanBo Nord